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Originating from Chong Qing, China, Big Boss Mala serves up authentically-flavoured and delicious mala dishes.  Made with Chilli pepper, peppercorn and loads of other spices, our Mala promises you an indulgent and spicy kick off to the new year. 

Try out our ever-popular Mala Xiang Guo with your choice of ingredients and spicyness levels.  We also offer Mala Bowl, otherwise also known as Mala Tang (literally: 'spicy numbing hot') where customers can savour our signature Mala Sauce. 


For the beauty conscious customers or those with a milder palette, be sure to try our Beauty Collagen Soup and our newly created Beauty Mala Collagen Soup.  Both are brilliant soup accompaniments that will leave you salivating for more.

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Our Locations

We are located at:

  1. Hillview
    - 31 Hillview Terrace, (S)669249

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